Special Training Course

12 Dec

December the 10th there will be a rare opportunity to train locally with a top JKAE karateka who has for the last 4 years been a student in Japan, completing the International instructors’ course at the JKA Headquarters. Roisin is the only non- Japanese competitor to win medals in kata at The All Japan Championships […]

Going for Gold

6 Jun

We had an amazing spring course with Osaka Sensei, 8th Dan, Okuma Sensei, 6th Dan, Nagatomo Sensei, 6th Dan and Ohta Sensei, 7th Dan.

Kyu Grading Glastonbury

6 Jun

All Mendip Shotokan Karate students attended a training and grading session at St. Dunston’s School. After a rigorous training session conducted by The Chief instructor of the JKAE, Sensei Ohta, a grading was held.  Mendip students performed their very best with a few points to work on for next time.  Well done to everyone who trained and […]

JKA Spring Course 2016

4 Apr

Again, a fantastic line up of world-class instructors attended the JKAE’s International Course at K2, Crawley, West Sussex. Kawawada Sensei – 8th Dan, Hirayama Sensei – 6th Dan, Nemoto Sensei – 5th Dan, Ohta Sensei – 7th Dan all kept us on our toes and gave us many points for future study. Students form around the […]